Breed Committee

The Breed Committee advises the Managing Committee on all matters pertaining to the breed registry. It recommends criteria for administering the program including the breed standard, tattooing, etc. This committee recommends policies, rules and guidelines for Rottweiler breeding and breed surveys to the Managing Committee. Recommendation of judges for the national breed events, endorsement of future Breed Judges and advancements to the post of Breed Selection Masters (Koermeisters) also fall under the purview of the Breed Committee.

Subak Majeed

Seat vacant

Group Breed Wardens

The National Breed Warden appoints Group Breed Wardens who are available to all members for advice in breed matters. They supervise the breeding and observance of the breeding regulations. Responsibilities of the Breed Warden are numerous:

  • Kennel Inspections
    Group Breed Wardens are authorized to inspect kennels at anytime - even without notice - in order to advise breeders and are obliged to watch out for the compliance with the breeding regulations. A kennel inspection must be conducted: after application for a kennel name (pre inspection), as a routine check with every litter inspection and in response to suspicion of irregularities.
  • Litter Inspections
    The litter inspection shall be conducted no earlier than 8 weeks and no later than 12 weeks of age and it consists of:
    • Inspection of Kennels
    • Examination of
      • Kennel Book - all litters are entered in accordance with the litter registration application and the location of the puppies with complete address and phone number of the buyers (at least from the previous litter)
      • Pedigrees - in accordance with the litter registration application, age of the parent animals on the day of the mating, check of the tattoo number of the bitch, Formwert (rating), chest circumference, eye examination, litter spacing and the possession of breeding permission of the owner, if different than breeder - review possible special permit
      • Kennel Registration Card - important with the first litter, later also acceptable in form of a copy
      • Vaccination Records of Puppies - primary immunizations of the puppies against SHLP
  • Evaluation of the litter. The bitch and puppies will be physically examined and observations will be noted concerning the following:
    • Bitch - dietary and health condition, examination of teats, check for scars of cesarean section.
    • Puppies - dietary and health condition, improperly healed naval, as well as eliminating faults; sick and undernourished puppies indicated by dull coat, bloated bellies, teary eyes and nasal discharge as well as puppies with external parasites and scaly skin are not allowed to be accepted. Readily recognizable faults in puppies: all faults of the tail, overshot or undershot mouth, wry mouth, missing canines or incisors, no testicle or only one testicle out.
  • Examination of Litter Registration Application
  • Tattooing of Puppies

Badar Hassan

Badar Hassan
Group Breed Warden - Karachi

Adil Bangash

Adil Bangash
Group Breed Warden - Islamabad

Farid Ahmed Qureshi

Farid Ahmed Qureshi
Group Breed Warden - Lahore