Regulations / Breeding Rules

The Kennel Club of Pakistan believes that the Rottweiler Club of Pakistan has a very important role to play in promoting the breed in every way as per the objective of the KCP. KCP is of firm opinion that the role of RCP is to promote and offer guidance for the development of the Rottweiler so as to achieve uniform compliance to the FCI breed standard as well as the continued education of owners, breeders and the general public. To achieve these aims, it has been decided that RCP should carry out Breed Surveys and litter inspections. The basic idea is that all Rottweilers should be surveyed before being bred with and litters checked before the pups are registered and pedigrees issued. With effect from 1st January 2012, KCP will issue pedigrees only on the recommendation of RCP certifying that the parents have been breed surveyed and litter has been checked.

The process/rules for registring Rottweilers for breeders / owners in Pakistan:

• The dog must be 20 months old (minimum) before the mating (no exceptions will be allowed)
• The bitch must be 18 months old (minimum) before the mating (no exceptions will be allowed)
• Both the Sire and Dam have to have their ZTP certificates before breeding (mating)
• Minimum age for ZTP for a dog (male) is 18 months and for a bitch (female) is 18 months
• A breeder must inform the respective group breed warden regarding the litter within 3 days after the birth
• A breeder must have the following documents at the time of litter inspection; stud certificate, pedigree of Sire, pedigree of Dam, ZTP of Sire and ZTP of Dam (no exception shall be allowed)
• At the group breed warden’s first visit the breeder must ask for a preliminary litter inspection certificate
• In-order to apply for pedigrees for the puppies the breeder must give copies of the following documents to RCP Group Breed warden; RCP stud certificate, KCP litter registration form, KCP kennel registration certificate (if applicable), Pedigree certificate and ZTP certificate of both Sire and Dam. Along with KCP litter registration fees and pedigree fee or any other dues with forms (if applicable)
• Group breed warden submits all the above mentioned documentation to National breed warden along with RCP litter inspection form
• National breed warden will review/endorse all the documents and forward them to KCP for processing
• KCP will send the registration certificates and pedigrees to respective group breed warden who will hand over the certificates and pedigrees to the owner of the dog
• The Pedigree certificates are to carry RCP and IFR logos along with KCP and FCI logos
• The maximum age for breeding is 8 years for females and 9 years for males no dog/bitch will be allowed to mate after this age

RCP will charge
 Rs. 1500/- for complete litter inspection
 Rs. 800/- per puppy for micro chipping
 Rs. 1,500/- for ZTP per dog/bitch

If there is any other question or queries kindly contact your respective Group Breed Warden:

Badar Hassan: 0332-2133308 (Karachi)
Adil Bangash: 0333-5454545 (Islamabad)
Farid Qureshi: 0300-9444886 (Lahore)

The National Breed Warden appoints Group Breed Wardens who are available to all members for advice in breed matters. They supervise the breeding and observance of the breeding regulations.

Responsibilities of the Group Breed Wardens are numerous:

Litter Inspections
The litter inspection shall be conducted any time between the 3rd day of the birth and no later than 8 weeks of age and it consists following examinations:

 Pedigrees – in accordance with the litter registration application, age of the parent animals on the day of the mating, check of the Micro Chip number of the bitch, chest circumference, eye examination, litter spacing and the possession of breeding permission of the owner, if different than breeder – review possible special permit

 Kennel Registration Card – important with the first litter, later also acceptable in form of a copy

 Vaccination Records of Puppies – primary immunizations of the puppies against SHLP

Evaluation of the litter
The bitch and puppies will be physically examined and observations will be noted concerning the following:

 Bitch – dietary and health condition, examination of teats, check for scars of cesarean section.
 Puppies – dietary and health condition improperly healed naval, as well as eliminating faults; sick and undernourished puppies indicated by dull coat, bloated bellies, teary eyes and nasal discharge as well as puppies with external parasites and scaly skin are not allowed to be accepted. Readily recognizable faults in puppies: all faults of the tail overshot or undershot mouth, wry mouth, missing canines or incisors, no testicle or only one testicle out.

• Assisting the judge in ZTP

The group breed warden provides all the technical assistance to the judge in conducting ZTP of each dog.
In case of a disagreement between the decision of the Judge and Group Breed Warden during ZTP qualification trial; an appeal may be filed by the Group Breed Warden for a second opinion by another judge who is considered the final decision on disputed points before the ZTP is approved.

Examination of Litter Registration Application

• Micro-Chipping of Puppies